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VCOM2LT SC - Serial Controlled Text Overlay

The VCOM2LT-SC is the most powerful text-only module available in the VCOM2LT series. With 4 preset screen layouts offer up to 35 characters over ten rows, with time and date available at the top or bottom of the screen. A selectable black background can be added to the white text to avoid contrast issues and the text is available in either small or large font sizes.

On-Screen Display

Full Feature List:

  • Not reliant on special OSD chips
    guaranteeing a long term supply
  • 2 font sizes
  • Time and date with battery back-up facility
  • Optional black background
  • Up to 10 rows per screen
  • 35 characters per row
  • RS232 control
  • 4 preset screen layouts
  • Onboard memory
  • PAL/NTSC auto-detect

Product Codes:

  • Module – VCOM2LT-SC
  • Plug & Play – TG437
  • Unboxed Plug & Play – TG437-UB

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