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VCOM2 – QWERTY Keyboard & Serial Controlled Text Overlay

The standard VCOM2 is our most powerful text only OSD module to date and offers a full screen of text with up to 27 rows consisting of 30 characters (PAL). The VCOM2 is currently the only product available with variable transparency settings for the background. It also features ‘text shadowing’ which gives the characters depth and ensures their visibility in the most adverse conditions. The module can be controlled via either a PS2 QWERTY keyboard or RS232 serial data.

On-Screen Display

Full Feature List:

  • Not reliant on special OSD chips
    guaranteeing a long term supply
  • 4 preloaded fonts
  • Time and date with battery back-up facility
  • White or black text
  • Optional text background
  • 30 characters per row
  • 27 rows per screen
  • Black background with variable transparency
  • White through to black text
    intensity adjustment (greyscale)
  • RS232 serial control
  • PS2 keyboard control
  • PAL/NTSC auto-detect
  • Text shadowing
  • Onboard memory

Product Codes:

  • Module – VCOM2
  • Plug & Play – TG432
  • Unboxed Plug & Play – TG432-UB

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