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RC200 & GPS-TD

A number of the products in the OSD range offer the option of syncronising the displayed time and date to an external time code sourcing from the Atomic Clock MSF Signal and GPS. This option is supported via the RC200, GPS-TD and GPS-TDE receivers. These products translate their received data and output a generic time code which can be directly fed into these products.

On-Screen Display

This is a small enclosed unit with a highly
sensitive receiver for the MSF atomic clock data signal, providing an external time-code source.

GPS receiver with upto a 4Hz refresh rate unit providing atomic clock time code output.

This has all the features of GPS-TD with the
addition of an external antenna for more discrete

LSEG The RC200 utilises the MSF is the radio signal which broadcasts the national time standard for the UK. From the 1st April 2007 the MSF service broadcast will transfer to Anthorn, up until then it will continue to be broadcast from Rugby. The MSF signal is the principal means of disseminating the UK national standards of time and frequency which are maintained by the National Physical Laboratory.

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) is the UK's home of measurement and the nation's time-keeper. NPL is responsible for operating the national time system and making accurate time available across the UK.

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