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On-Screen Display - Other Video Products

In addition to our range of video overlay products LS Electronics Group Ltd produce a number of associated video products. For further information on these products please contact us directly.

Video Distribution Amplifier

This is a compact, 6-channel video distribution amplifier module. It is made up of a miniature SIL design which although small does not hinder the excellent video performance that this module can achieve. It is also capable of driving 75 ohm video loads directly and requires only a single +12V supply.

Video Data Encoding & Decoding Systems

These systems are designed to encode and decode digital data within a composite PAL or NTSC video signal. They use the same basic principles employed by the Teletext data encoding and decoding systems in domestic broadcast systems.

The design of this system allows the video signal and encoded data to be transmitted, distributed or stored on recording media ready for data retrieval. This extremely versatile solution allows for permanent integration of digital data into a composite video picture image without superimposing graphical displays.

Video Signal Detection & Generation

This technology provides the facility to detect video signal input and drop-out which allows for video signal and alarm generation. This highly functional module can provide an uninterrupted video signal that supports a constant flow of on-screen information. This information flow continues even if the feed from the live camera drops out.

This is particularly advantageous to companies within the security market and especially to those dealing with surveillance. The technology can be applied to systems in which data can be recorded even if a camera is damaged and the video image lost. In keeping with this the unit can also provide an alarm signal when the video signal is lost.

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