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On-Screen Display

On-Screen Display

Welcome to our range of market leading on-screen display (OSD) products for adding text and graphics to composite video signals. The technology is implemented in inspection, monitoring, surveillance and messaging systems throughout the world. LS Electronics Group Ltd provide cost-effective OSD products which are reliable and flexible.

Our high quality video overlay solutions range from a basic time and date stamp, through serial controlled text generators and GPS data insertion, to complex client specific systems.

Total Video Overlay

"Used the world over in areas such as data display for inspection and monitoring equipment, security surveillance systems, messaging systems, and GPS data display."

"On-Screen Display products offer a complete solution for displaying data and information in conjunction with a video image."

The Future of OSD

Many of our competitors build their OSD products using dedicated OSD chips. These chips are becoming increasingly obsolete so we have developed an advanced alternative to keep up with the rising standards of technology. The use of this new alternative means that a long term uninterrupted supply of the product can be guaranteed.

Limitless Possibilities of On-Screen Display

In addition to their guaranteed supply and superior quality, our OSD products are not subject to the limitations of OSD chips, meaning almost anything can be superimposed onto video using the company's bespoke customisation service. From standard units to complex systems the technology can incorporate such things as data, logos, crosshairs, dials and other dynamic moving objects. These functions are then all controllable via a host of interface options.

Technical information and specifications for standard units can be found on the Product Guides Page and the Technical Details Page.

However, if you do not see exactly what you require please visit the Customisation Page for details on creating a unique solution.

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